1. The best that ever did it. #accentsonaccentsonaccents

  2. Who knew how much practice and effort strip moves require?

  3. My favorite episode. The opening especially is the absolute realest. 

  4. At least they’re together now. #BlackLove #BlackLegacies

  5. Whiskey Ginger Refresher + Shrimp & Grits = Hangover Remedy

  6. Derek tries out his stripper moves for the first time … #ColorCreative #BeenSoBroke

  7. Robin and Charles go on a camping trip and experience a new “First.” *wink*

  8. New episode of @butterandbrown! Get into this Blackberry Bramble and these Beer Battered Fish Tacos. Say no to STRUGGLE TACOS!

  9. The new ratchet baby shower anthem. Saluting side pieces who do it RIGHT. 

  10. When I lived in NYC, I was broke as hell and I can’t TELL you how many times I considered doing things I would normally NEVER do to make ends meet. I’m so excited to present Sundance filmmaker Tahir Jetter's new web series, “Hard Times” on Issa Rae Productions about JUST that. Lord knows I’ve #beensobroke. Check out the trailer and tune in NEXT Wednesday for the premiere! #SummerSeries #ColorCreative