1. An Open Response from Tracy Oliver & Issa Rae

    Some of our viewers may have been offended by some of the language in our recent episode. We take this matter especially to heart, considering the CFC and members of the LGBT community were among the first to embrace ‘The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.’

    Since our first episode debuted in February this year, ‘Awkward Black Girl’ has received an incredible outpouring of support from hundreds of thousands of fans. We love and appreciate each and every one of our fans! In return, we strive to provide a show that uses irreverent comedy and humor to address the oftentimes uncomfortable situations that many people have experienced at some point or another in their lives.

    In creating a series of this nature, we are willing to accept the praise when the jokes work and the feedback when they may not.

    Sincerely, Issa & Tracy

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        Well, thanks for the non-apology. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am out Issa and ABG. No longer watching or...
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        It’s disappointing to me because I was kinda hoping for an apology. Or at least an outright acknowledgement of what it...
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        (click the title above) Exactly. THIS was the line in the sand? The show has been saying all sorts of non-pc things-...
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        What a half-assed non-apology.
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        Ehh I’m not surprised to see people writhing & breaking their backs to defend their precious show from outcry but it...
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        I think the word “irreverent” is really interesting here. Irreverent of what? Transmisogynists don’t place restrictions...
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